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Pennies for Hitler: Georg Diary Entry

I haven’t seen this amount of blood in my whole life. My heart is beating rapidly. I’m staggering and trembling. I just want to take a seat and rest, Nevertheless I must keep going for the people who have fallen. I cannot give up, resting isn’t an option. I wonder where Aunt Miriam is, I hope she’s okay. I’m so stressed that I can’t even shed a single tear. Passing through the cold streets with debris scattered everywhere. Buildings demolished and dismantled into dust. I’ve lost my gas mask which is unfortunate. This filthy air is making me light headed. The word “Death” flows through my head. I decide to find Aunt Miriam instead of bread, I’d rather starve than have to live with another death. Is she in the apartment? Or is she at work? My mind is scrambled, I don’t even know where I am, I can’t feel my hands and feet. I am walking about in pain, I stumble upon the apartment by accident. Was this a miracle? Or a dream. I bust through the doors of the apartment, glass shards pierce through my skin, I dash up the stairs finding our room, I sigh in relief to see Aunt Miriam laying under the dining table. I hug her and she cries out “Where were you?”