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Sleepless Nights

I hate this, I HATE THIS SO MUCH! The horrific odor show a resemblance of homeless beggars on the streets. Damp disgusting floor from peoples muddy boots cause a squelching noise as each step you take is similar to being in a mangrove swamp. It’s not really like you could even move around. It is possible to imagine though. I’m literally sinking in quicksand. This is no ordinary sand. It’s a sand of disgusting, grimy, sweaty arms and legs that surround you the whole long night. There is nothing to gaze upon this pitch black void. *CLINK* *CLANG*, scratches of metal grinding against gears of machinery. The snores of people bear resemblance to the Demon Dog in Hell, Cerberus in his slumber. *GRRRRRRR* LET ME OUT OF THIS ENDLESS CYCLE OF SLEEPLESS NIGHTS!The Matchbox Diary: Fleischman, Paul, Ibatoulline, Bagram: 9780763676384: Books

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