Sailors on Pukaki

My heart pounding and pounding, I rush to the designated area, I don’t want to miss this. I can hear my comrades shouting. Luckily I made it in time. I sit down and gaze upon the darkened door window panels. We place our hands on deck with our backs facing the burst. Alerted we have only two minutes. Sweat drips down from my head. My heartbeat is racing. The broadcast alerts us to shut our eyes and put our goggles on. The count up starts. Every single second memories of my loved ones flash and race through my mind. Why have I come here. I knew the consequences but my naive mind tempted me anyway. I’m sorry.. Mum, Dad. 

The last moments before the burst detonated, I heard ‘four, three, two, one. An intense blast trembled through my ears. My hearing begins to fade. All of a sudden a loud voice in my head saying ‘Bomb Gone!’ We spend fifteen seconds in excruciating heat penetrating through our back. Before we opened our eyes I could see through my eyelids to the bones of my hands. Opening our eyes we face the burst. It was a sight to see. An enormous mushroom cloud soaring in the sky upon the horizon. This may have been an amazing experience however, I had ruined my future ahead.

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