Peter’s Perspective of the Experience

Peter’s Perspective of the Experience 

As I look back I see troops throwing something. I see smoke and explosions and the chemical smell of bombs. 


I can hear gunfire, loud explosions, crying people and terrified shrieking children. I scream help when a troop member spots us. We start running. I can hear my loud heavy heart beat. I start to pant and breathe heavily. I struggle to keep on running.


I trip on a dead corpse. A small amount of blood splatters on my face. I wipe it off with my bruised hands. I get up and catch up to my dad as fast I can run. His arm is fractured from being struck by a falling door. 


I can see people with gas masks. My neighbourhood is in chaos. We can see jets colliding into each-other. The jets soar in the sky coming towards us. We escape and find a place to sleep. As I close my eyes I see mayhem. What I’m going through is more unwelcome than my worst nightmare. 

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