Day: June 7, 2022


I walk down skipping along the slippery bricks. The snow falls on my face while I try to catch it. I feel chilly, I see missing posters of kids. I just ignore them. I see names on a wall. There is also a chalk on the floor. I pick it up and write my name on the wall. The chalk made a really annoying screeching sound. Something creaks behind me. I noticed it was a life sized doll in the window. I walk up to it. The snow crunches each footstep I take. I glance at it close from the window. I wipe the moisture off so I could see the doll. I realise that it looks like me. I look away to take a look at my clothes to see our resemblance. I look back at the doll it appears to be gone. I try to get inside the store however the rusty door handle won’t budge.

I get a handful of snow and molded into a snowball. I throw it at the door it made a loud sound. I walk away with anger. I slide my hand on the crusty old wall. Suddenly the door creaked open and a bell rings. I squeal in excitement.


I walk inside. I admire the dolls. I see my doppelganger, I try to touch it but I trip on a tiny doll which is on a bike. It’s facing on its side. Without hesitation I help it get up. It goes towards the door banging loudly. My doppelganger disappears. I look around for my doppelganger which is on a shelf. I get the chills. I go towards it. I climb on the old couch. I remove my glove so I can touch it. The air becomes thicker. My ears start ringing.


I touch its face. Suddenly I couldn’t see at all. My memories are flashing before my eyes. I’m so confused. I see baby dolls falling on me.  I can finally see. My vision is blurry but I can see the whole room. I notice that I can’t move my arms and legs. I look around and realise that all the dolls in the store are people I know. They are the kids on the missing posters earlier. I’ve fallen into a death trap.