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Stranded on the Indian Ocean

It’s been so long on this boat, I feel light headed from being so cramped. Someone had vomited all over the deck. Sweat is all there is to smell. Suddenly the boat stopped.. Everyone is worried. A storm hits us causing the boat to tremble.  I see and hear mothers and children crying, I feel so thirsty. We’re all going to starve. Our journey can’t end here. All of us still have a life ahead of us. Suddenly we spot a massive ship from the distance. Our feelings changed immediately.  It starts coming towards us. I feel so relieved and happy. Tears of joy are falling from everyone’s eyes. The storm stopped like it was happy for us. People from the ship help us on to the massive ship. The last moment the final person got on we all gasped, as looking back we saw our broken old boat break up and sink. I felt so scared and relieved at the same time. If we weren’t saved, we all could have been gulped by the deep depths of the mysterious ocean. 


A Sudden Wake of the Night.

Disturbed by the sound of someone calling my name during the middle of the night, I opened my eyes to see my mother with a distressed look on her face. I take a moment to look around to see my family hurtling around half asleep packing their bags. Each step I took the floor creaked, crickets chirped, bats flapped their wings in the night sky. I have no idea what is going on. I want to fall back asleep. My thoughts are scrambled in my mind. I was told to pack my things so I looked for them in haste. I feel drowsy as we exit our ragged old hut. A gust of wind runs down my body, bugs are rustling around the muddy ground. I feel sweaty. It’s pitch black out here, each step I take the more I wonder if we will be safe. A rusty old bus is standing by for us. Oil is leaking from the back of the bus. The dripping noise really irritated me. The bus driver welcomed us. I look out the chipped window to see an infinite jungle of trees.    


This is the map of a bike route. I made the map by reading this book called Trespass. No Illustrations of the Route were in the book so we had to make it on our own by getting information by reading it.

What is Happiness

My Class was given paper and rolled once, you had to write a explanation of Love, Happiness, What makes you happy, What scares you & What your future will look like. We were separated in groups of 3 & 4, My group which includes Julio, Roman, Amiel & I have decided to choose Happiness.

Joe Hawke’s Diary Entry

I look down on the tree I’m on.. I gaze at least at one hundred men with mask and blowtorches, they march really aggressively. I almost fall off. This smell is worst than stinky socks, chemically burnt wood is not something you want to smell. My ears ringing to the sound of women and children crying and men trying to fight the hundred men with blowtorches. I’ll take a look.. all I see is burning houses and people in terror. I open my mouth and chemically smoke burrows into my taste buds. I gag while trying to breathe. I feel sick and confused there is too much going on. Next thing I know I’ve fallen off the tree and hit my head..