Outrigger Canoeing (Waka Ama)

Yesterday, year eight and seven went to go canoeing. We weren’t canoeing with normal canoes though, the canoes we used are called an ‘Outrigger Canoe’, these canoes are built with longer and narrower hulls. In fact Outrigger Canoes are more hydrodynamic (Physics of objects moving through liquids.) Year eight and seven departed our school around 9:00, we rode buses to ‘Manukau Outrigger Canoe Club’, the club building was around the outskirts of the Tamaki River. Our class was separated girl and boy, but some had to sit out and take turns. We were taught by our instructors. The key things of Outrigger canoeing are timing, technique and method. After the lessons we had a race, Not surprisingly the girls won. It wasn’t surprising in reasoning that their Waka (Canoe) was a lot newer. Their timing was okay. Once the races were over we had to help put our canoes back in the canoe club sheds. We all were tired afterwards in spite of that we had a blast. 


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