Dear Diary. (Christian’s POV)

Diary Entry:

“3rd of June 2022 12:50 PM. I’m eating lunch with friends at my school. some plane came across our school’s field and released some sort of explosive. I was really scared. I hope it never happens again so we could all be safe.


“12th of June 2022 PM. I’ve transferred school because we’ve moved away since that area wasn’t safe anymore. I’ve made some new friends. I was feeling Nervous, I could see different people and I could hear people gossiping around me.”


“15th of June 2022 9:34 AM. It’s been three days since I’ve first been transferred here. There is already a new student in my class which is Class 4B. I’ve befriended him. He’s very nice to me. He lives in my neighborhood. Normally after school we go to the skate park. I finally feel like I’ve settled in.”


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