High Diving Giraffes

     Turning around the corner I hear the sound of our hooves clipping and clopping on the never-ending smooth white tiles that shine like it’s glowing. My ears start to twitch. I can see an awfully tall spiral. My friends’ long tail with brown strands at the tip are right in front of me.


I finally start to hear the water flowing from the pool. We stop and are ready to leap our long legs into the cold blue water that looks like a blue-berry slushy. I sprint onto the diving board. I see my friend Roman dangling from the roof top ready to catch me. My Reflection is looking back at me. The smell of chlorine rushes through my nostrils. I leap towards the cool, sky blue water. I begin to get nervous I start to say “Please Catch me!” “Please Catch me!”  Luckily he catches me and I spin into the pool like I’m running inside a gyro ball. My bodys touches the water in the pool, I start to feel cold, I am shivering. My ears are clogged, my eyes start to burn. I still could kinda hear the muffled sounds of the crash of my friends cannonballing into the pool. 


I start  to swim to  land so I can dry myself off. I can feel that the water is getting shallower each time I take a step. My long legs are already tired. I still keep going. I make it to land while breathing heavily. My senses start to come back. I smell the air, There are chemicals. My friend Julio is behind me runs forward. We sprint as fast as we can to the huge spiral, we do a second round of High Diving except we had a lower diving board which I chose to avoid. In the spiral I can hear the Clippety-Clop of our hooves. I smell the chlorine again, I take a deep breath. I sprint super towards the diving board. Luckily Roman catches me a second time. I pose for the camera ready to cannonball like a meteor into the crystal clear cool water. I land in the pool my eyes don’t burn as much as before. My ears aren’t clogged. I emerge from the water the other Giraffe followed me. We lower our long necks on the edge of the pool to take a massive sip. We all tiredly run back to the Room of never-ending shiny tiles. 

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