Day: March 30, 2022

Choie Soy Hoy

                   Choie Soy Hoy


Choie Soy Hoy is man born on 1836 – 1838 and in the village of Sha Kong in the Poon Yu District.

Choie Soy Hoy is chinese but became a New Zealand citizen, Choie was actually the name of his clan. His actual name is Charles Sew Hoy. 


Charles Sew Hoy was a notable New Zealand Merchant, He sold Chinese food and goods. By the early 1880s he was the best-known Chinese in Dunedin. Sew Hoy’s reputation spread mostly because of his goldmine investments.


Charles Sew Hoy had died in Dunedin on July 22nd 1901, where he was buried. Unfortunately their ship sank Hokianga, and his remains, along with 498 bodies were lost as well.